Monday, January 11, 2016

We was fifteen once and felt those

We was fifteen once and felt those
same pleasures a half century ago…

What was became and is now but
not reason to become another quip
in history of me and us we was we.

We was then as almost quite now as
once we were but never came unto
what should've could be were stupid
misguided cocky where it not count.

Such is such is what we was no matter
holds candles or dollars burnt tryin
as extraint will cope and false gods
are not allies but business managers
so speak well with all song copyright.

As I walk the line (Cash) and spin wax
I will fear no evil or show biz attorney
for thou wire / wood with me and thy
silly saint groupie adore me and carry
me all through days unforeseen when
I finally lose my shit on a greater stage.

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