Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Whatever you was once you are only

Whatever you was once you are only
there in moments glory a rhapsody of
mind candy or mind fuck take you pick
guitar pick close in on ways to exhibit
supple samples of close nitwit apples.

You care about these things yet distress
about them and their proponents who
have gained favor upon mass support via
millions of dollars in fiat currency which
you don't support hence the rub of butts.

Dream of only words in the distant night
as we dream of flesh and pleasure to ease
pain brought on by mass extinctions well
conceived on machines created to extoll
all other human virtues as gifts given.

Then sit in the corner of expulsion and
corruption be your outline to follow some
neo-crazed professor of witless vibe as
handsome mergatroids vested in blue silk
road pajamas give mama a money run.

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