Tuesday, January 5, 2016

settling on forward in wilderness of urbanness

settling on forward in wilderness of urbanness
does the plot reach a boiling point after finicky
adhesions are exposed to the elements of politics?
and if so then why are the walls screaming at me
night and day constantly?

i have been here before a long time ago during a
Time of great upheaval and war… as if there has
been a Time unlike that in a score of millennia…
what matters is that humans are a fickle feckless
race of fleshy meat beings who have lost their
way but that some are trying very hard to gain
a modicum of decency to redeem the Truth for
the redemption of their spirits.

in so doing i give full support to us as a race to
protect the all seeing Time upon us and gather
such Love and respect that many here seem to
cast away like inane garbage… we shall bear
that burden for as long as needed and we shall
overcome some day, (Pete), and needless to
suffice to state facts of virtue what a long
strange trip it's been, (GrAteFuLL dEaD).

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