Monday, June 29, 2015

Have you met the men who have died near the water

Have you met the men who have died near the water
have you seen the children choked by the greed
have you met the women who suffered their honor
I've seen these times and in vain did they plead.

Have you heard the screams of all brown skin babies
have you heard the curses of their parents in pain
have you taken a stance at the cause of injustice
I've seen those corporations who are to blame.

Have you sworn all you soul to the thirsty desires
and ignoring the troubles of the fallen below
will you give a hand toward making blue oceans
will you put any trust in our causes to grow.

If you feel an injustice that grows by the hours
where Truth is our only weapon of choice
that's where you'll find me in seven dead oceans
that's what's become of all drowned out voice.

Have you ever tried in vain to not follow
all matter promoted to keep our brains dead
well now is the hour for lonely reflections
please follow exactly the words I have said.

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