Monday, June 8, 2015

Since when does it fit the shoe to customize

Since when does it fit the shoe to customize
all terrain sandals that will conform to the
current wanted posters of the 3 letter agencies
of empire's lies and prop'o'gandized aloofness...

Foreseen by ancestors with the proper cred of
Karmic persuasions and not to mention although
I guess I am herein Truth of the ages and Wisdom
of the sages and Justice for the pages written upon
all substrates given license to tell the news as it
should ever be thus for masses and asses alike...

Only YOUR weariness amazes you as I now get your
jest, (Bob), you fooled us all but not me anymore,
mo-fo… Got your number and I call it out as tripe
- the stuff of charlatans. God Damn, Joni you were
right! You go girl-frieen…

But all gets considered in the folly of waste products
and fluffy pancakes when I give reverence to what
needs reverence and that is mostly working classes,
poor, those in true need and all that pertains to their,

(really our), life...

Such it is and so it tis before ever aching bus rides
with mommy to her shrinky we ride the glory upon
all memories remembered and all tribute forgotten as
I cast the final draft of foreplans and discuss all
concepts of rent paid and credit slain in this utmost
folly of concepts conceived and connived by any
means necessary to protract all the more that we
should abhor and that is the plus which I only discuss
with ever redundants and Lovers of the Truth…

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