Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Seeing is sought and being is taught and little

Seeing is sought and being is taught and little
more than affection can lure me to a guise of
perfection whence when is where and what is
bare and all I ever need is within you to teach
me plainly forthrightly and ever so nightly we
will reveal all tolls of garden and trust if only
we must so it extends our continue as ever we
lust and such is the ghost of all present endeavour.

Hearing is that which we can only scratch with an
itch given sandwich to nourish our buds and taste
never reaches over for a feel of notes that drift in
our lives flourish and seem ponder to listen as once
was a wander forever to solemn and always will
heed as we mark all thought with ribald mistakes
and the baker of cakes is a maker of what guides
us forever to chide us unless we adhere.

Speaking is only sounds made to purpose and ever
we poetic to give license over matter on grounds
that a fervent resolve gains pity over all those who
reach sounds that will certainly be a plus toward any
city we live in or choose to want lovers who cook
for our senses and loose all matter in silence as we
gaze upon those who so often chatter as maybe all
must pretend that to do is a choice opted.

Tasteing is joyous in remembrance of events past
as we stroke the bells of Time Or define the aromatic
tidings of seasonal bliss where once was amiss to give
what we thought was a scent being bought to lovers
and friends and all witness the ends of the pungent
revile as I revolt past the vile where all of our oder
contains many memories for we are the glamour
encased in xod's armour as that is another purpose.

Touching is explore provoked on our flesh and always
given gifts to promote what we cherish and want is a
blemish but what have we gained if not only learned
to command all our aims toward skins we admire and
lush is desire when I use my tongue lovely on you in
my cushion so not as to pushin' but given all choices
we have to hear voices is what pleasure can consume
us beyond all for resume most delightful.

Thinking is where we hold all our saviors and many
the flavors to give us a trial and theory is weary but
thoughts can be vile as exampled in elitism tested
so better to be bested or suffer you will forever to
be trusted by peers who get busted because the state
is one demon encompassed with all held in trespass
as I witnessed revulsion from one percent expulsion
and never will give them a quarter forgiven.

Loving is solemn as I weep for all the unchosen to
suffer past witness of what is remembered toward some
embers of fire for those are exploited as well we can
hold yet all who come forward will remember the law
put forth to condemn any witness who gets caught
scared shitless when that which is traded for that which
is jaded to keep Love at a foremost treasure the whole
host what makes us strong is that we believe fullest.

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