Sunday, June 14, 2015

Such is the what of we hold on our own

Such is the what of we hold on our own
hearts minds soul free to wander alone
free in the element of who is us whats
it matters in end oh it matters lots…

Some say once, some say twice, some say
anything that should suffice but I say talk
is cheap and Love is not so hold your gift
to measure what others have not…

All comes around as all is prone to do for
any amount of effort can not misconstrue
all power of being is not sold on any shelf
and I offer you Truth in spite of your self…

Never accept the words heard from rulers
they tend to divide all who are just foolers
I give them run for their money 'cuz that's
what I do so they have my pity boo-hoo…

As we drift ever closer to the flame that is push
I feel myself immersed in labor think as such
and all who remember what guidance I've left
will never be vacant in Truth as my gift...

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