Sunday, June 28, 2015

No daylight…no plans or joy within

No daylight…no plans or joy within
our lives bound by fate and our Time
woven by hate through the men who
rule us and the women who fuck them.

Let it all be known once and for all that
we have a choice, but to use it is certain
death premature and freedom contains
all hope but promises will never be filled.

There is someone of those before when
they brought the tracks of hope the hours
of need the existence of what we are to
become but our plans exceeded to fail.

What happens as model to behold a fate
of service to these men of injustice, these
captains of industry, these barons who hold
our cards in the rift of unforgiven essence.

None so shallow will ever be told to understand
the fortunes of spirit we have all control over
as we excite the causes to justice and Truth as
shown by those admired who have suffered dearly.

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