Wednesday, June 24, 2015

much of a muchness

much of a muchness
less of a lessness
need for a oneness
give is The Trueness

hope is wish-washy
think is more promise
Now is location
Love is One power

where it be going
leaving to all here
always was this way
I saw it becoming

some also remember
what gives you a feeling
sometime is all over
sometime is forgetting

gather all choices
from boxes of passions
send your best smiles
lovers of dreams won

leave more than taken
have never regretted
free every boundary
with total forgiveness

admire less comforts
stand with the lessors
let overabundance
be not our burden

trust all lives honest
as truth will prevail
toward give us a holler
when you need forgiveness

theres only one place
where all is for certain
and I will become
your brother in Love

just put all discomfort
and agony mounted
against all the odds let
Now justice prevail

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