Thursday, June 18, 2015

One only follows what one is pretending

One only follows what one is pretending
is truth which turns out unbalanced with
just a wide glance of never ending types
of destruction since we only hurt the one
we love so as not to be confused with…

I always thought THIS we would turn out
better but I never afforded any leeway to
give promise in some dark secrets forged
by inept officials and self governed dipshits
who are the emperor puppets of all offensive
depraved rich motherfuckers and the women
who fuck them...

Which is it going to be: death by slave labor?
Death by oppression of opinons? Death by
what amounts to circumstance? Death by all
manner of being in the wrong place at the
right time? I give up Alex. Let's make it a
true daily double anyway, 'cuz that's the
only way we dumb-asses know...

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