Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Whose law is this and why should I care

Whose law is this and why should I care
when the bill is delivered you should aware
that your side their side is superfluous to the
litigators side which is billable on every tit for
their tat and every which for their want and keep
your emails shallow for the word count is billed
by the hours it is read - think I jest? - Hire a
lawyer and find out.

They know that the resolve of your most precious
issues is tertiary to their primary function which
is to gain ALL the money available. This is why
elected officials more often than not started out
as legal plunderers. Con-men all. Snake oil salesmen
is too polite a calling. We should trust these charlatans
with our very last pennies? Our only hope to survive
this game of thrones?

They play on our fear and we should just nod
our heads in agreement as our pittance of solemn
savings is taken from us as a jester of 'good faith?

FUCK THEM!! - and all they are bound to us and
beholden to. If I was a lesser man I would kill them
all where they sit in those plush offices with their
orifices in warmth and security.

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