Friday, June 5, 2015

what does it take this frame of want

what does it take this frame of want
for all intent unforgiving with no end
of justice seen to stop the stifle of all
soul and cause erupts upon a vanity
wish stream and mighty waters to be
washed over my portions of brainwaves
amidst all laughing legislators that I never
gave a sign off on and never will…

your ceaseless too remotely given pause to
my increased interest involve of what you
are in repulsed stereotype fashion given
who gives the final orders who being those
reptilian gOoo-bags we should have slain
when chance was once our only choice though
still better to be of peaceful nonviolence
for all karmic sake and providence…

such is laugh as I roll over to assume the
position that confrontation belittles me
as from those on my side that need lessons
in understand who the real enemy is but also
this is the whole task toward winning any
marks of worth founding for they are numb
from enemy's drool and swag and we should
help them for as allies they will save us all...

to drift upon islands of what is thought of
savior desserts and potions the likes will only
cascade within all the muster put forth by those
I wish to explain this vile mess we are caste into
so that solutions may be formulated and always
intervened once the carpet is laid and the people
have spoken their views so all that is left will be
total re-do, re-org, re-sort, re-be, re-etc…

re-cap and re-possess…


for all human-ness to strive forgive
for we travel beyond this sphere and Time as
we always have and will  (•)

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