Sunday, June 21, 2015

He will always forgive Me for any

He will always forgive Me for any
trust I may neglect toward Him or another
for I am human and certainly not infallible

He will always come to Me for comfort and
blessing of security and devotion that is all
He will ever give Me and I am fine there

He will always trust Me after all this Time
as that is Our vow to hold with each other as
we venture together in this sphere upon

He has his moments of grump as I do some
for We are here to learn control of what the
matter is and where We bring that is key

He is always there for Me and I for Him as
I care for His needs and care for His life to
protect Him from all harm that is My vow

He will always be safe with Me no matter My
circumstance or challenge or indecisive move
with My life as it is more than what is good

He is the most loyal companion I have ever held
in My arms or ever taken responsibility for as
this is what matters to Me as He is by My side

He can do no wrong in My eyes and I remain as
close to impartial in that regard as is warranted
such is Our partnership together here

He is Mine and I am His for He is the true one
who reigns on My bed and life supreme feline
that is His own indy one and apologizes to none

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