Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mostly I understate the state of affairs

Mostly I understate the state of affairs
which are mostly moistily and very such
nonsense on the once of hands. On the
other we have sweat from brows beaten
of chance back to appease the elites shiny
shine as is their birthright to make us all
suffer in various varieties.

Such is the way of life that sucks for us and
some oh so much more than others it is often
sinful and always has been a problem in our
quest for abundance of love and life's dreams
fulfilled. Once the wish gets a whopping fate
of underfill, that is where we choose to under-
kill the last puppet emperor coming soon.

When I once wrote and sang with my throat when
it all comes down, (me), where is the brethren and
sistren of spellcheck brought out by lightning to
survive the fallacy of a sacred chalice and will
evermore constraint be what gets tainted upon
rocks made of glass substance or does homo-
erotic video trash beg my finest hours?

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