Thursday, July 2, 2015

Oh she was lofty and that is not quite

Oh she was lofty and that is not quite
accurate as I would deem necessary but
I convince all concerned that what we
do in very small and insignificant ways
is not really akin to what they do to us.

Please me to relieve any pain in this sphere
as I stretch by the river to regain all hope
of ever resurging what once was ours in
this cesspool of legislative supposed given
and the whole is much unequal to us.

Watch now as all the young pragmatists
require any venture toward gain and scoff
at the all manner of trust and that does not
concern these wee nose-browns for they
offer ill advice for any we hold dear to us.

Pull down that menu as we sniff the regal
heirs' bullshit heaped upon us and our only
assigns to which we might combat their
legions forced against our only trust and
all that we hold sacred that we should to us.

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