Friday, July 17, 2015

working oldies in the tavern of nowhere

working oldies in the tavern of nowhere
proving a context of Beethoven's rollover,
(Chuck), listening devices include an old
Ampeg, and heroes of guitarness are what
I may have been I'm not sure after all this
Time let me get back to you on that.

barmaids were habits of fortune and I always
gave them a promo for memoirs to save them,
they, them and barkeeps are thankless jobs
from the perspective of this riser hardly worth
calling a stage, I leave it at dark hours for a
quick toss in the parking lot for what are to
do but drive on the parkway and park in the
driveway and toss flesh on the asphalt plains.

tuning now is a comfort afforded by new device
seeing better tech and higher purpose overall I
accustomed to songs of old and tunes of mine
poetry put forth in non rhyme and habits given
to all who'll listen as you dance for me, (me) I
only promise a thought given and a desire of
Truth in the Now where we all reside.

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