Friday, July 10, 2015

sadness erupts as if we could prevent badness

sadness erupts as if we could prevent badness
from ourselves and never give a damn about
all others suffer for I am the moral center of
the universe spoke the callous man in chains
not seen by his peers but I have duly noted…

this work we do in spite of the worlds turning
gives no pause to reflect our crimes thrust
upon the "others" when we finally reach all
critical usurp for what is to us is somewhat to
all and equal is only a matter of measure…

give us this day our daily blood drawn upon
all dark skinned peoples for what we sow is
the national security state and we must maintain
all our might to pledge allegiance to the flag of
the United States of Total Spectrum Dominance…

WE lie… WE cheat… WE give our dust to this
the most heinous government ever created on the
face of the world so green and round, (Pete), it
is more than I can bear to be a part of as I drift
toward solace as my only vices converge upon…

there is no plan put upon me as I am aghast at
what I am supposed to surrender my tax dollars
toward the fuck you of the rest of the earth in
a most earnest display of what the PTB can
embalm with their phony but deadly as is…

you can blow your comrades as a gesture given
for I am the fighter of TRUTH and FREEDOM
and do what I can to spread equal words of faith
support and empathy as any being of any moral
fiber would embrace for that is the righteous…

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