Thursday, July 23, 2015

Your eyes and tongue speak volumes to

Your eyes and tongue speak volumes to
my psyche as I drift past the portal of ever
regain all summons placed upon libido
as tempt is just as if the shoe fits and should
have it's will remain a mystery forever.

Flesh is as flesh does as all restraint goes
numb in wakes of wonder uncontrolled
ponderence and who's to say what's right
in this world of udder chaos and contempt
for that flesh as power cheats it all.

Yearn for your warmth next to me your sweet
sweat on my cusp of organ-ic threshold pulsing
in orgasmic soup as wonder delight escapes
forward for the umpteenth time in all that is
engaging to this brief liquid of passion.

Back and forth we froth as we trust senses
thrust bind at rates untold in schools of thoughts
all knees weaken upon the bough of please
which way is up is not recognized anymore
when we reach toward achieving exhaustion.

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