Thursday, July 9, 2015

i'm tired of biting my tongue to bring the

i'm tired of biting my tongue to bring the
Truth forward as if any of you could be
made to understand and accept all the
devoid 'news' items you so desperately
glare and gleam as ultimate items of all
that is right with your respective worlds
of hyped fantasy.

i know in my heart of hearts it is not your
fault for this stalled opinion and taste of
seduction that holds your attention spans
for mere seconds rather than eternity that
is how 'they' want you to believe that is how
'they' hold your intellect in the mode of
plutocratic capture of all your life and all
your safety and all your family's justice
and peace.

i'm not content with accepting the 'official'
story served to us on the plate of capitulation
and jingo should be the name of a dog in a circus
movie with garish clowns of nightmares but it
has become a reality complete with commercials
about the latest juicy colorful fast food and big
cars which don't even qualify as cars but rather
some demented form of pumped up steroidial
plastic armoured monsters from the depths of
depraved imaginations governed by ceo's bent
on capacity for unleashing suffering.

Fuck them and Damn them all as they mock our
values of human kindness and justice and Peace
they will give up their rewards in the end and learn
from mistakes of utmost grandeur as they pose for
pictures that they think will give us a heroic banter
to further their cause but they are mistaken by leaps
and bounds and ninety-nine bottles of beer on the
walls of silence whence we follow voices of wisdom
and reason to lead us into a more just sphere where
Time governs goodness against madness.

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