Sunday, July 5, 2015

I've come to a conclusion… maybe it's

I've come to a conclusion… maybe it's
sacred, maybe it's morose, maybe I'm
dreaming of you in my realm with tidy
givings and my lecherous ways unbound
that's what I'll ask if ever I'm found…

Send me a warning if I cater too close
and that will assure you of what ever
answer is safe fore your sullen aunt's
opt in, unless her titties are the stuff
of my dreams and even then we would
draw a contract because scum lawyers
are required to do so,,, (fuck 'em)…

When do I get to present my case to the
court so that I may offer the vulgar slang
to the self professed judge of regal law
standing and tell him he is not my guardian
- not my law - not my concept - AND most
certainly not anyone I respect…

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