Wednesday, July 22, 2015

why so blunt of offer to partake you in

why so blunt of offer to partake you in
Time as is known here - Space as is kept
here - Love as is given here… i warrant
a once over for what memories treasured
can record the ever all of only one but some
can just and we must remember what we did
here and there and there is no doubt about it.

some would argue the that of which is what
and when we once will who on where it all
slides down into the mix of soup and puzzles
so keep a sharp eye forward and a keen mind
will always bring forth the forgot lease on once
some we thought were that but some may not
think as we and some may not trust as thee.

that is why and so is so and worry not for we
will resume the correctness to function on this
plane of plain and shame of sane for we can
pass it all over and exist for all to follow us
into the amoral abyss consumed and patented
is what is wrought upon my house of Truth
and justice is not just but a seven letter word.

you should hound them until their last breath
and keep a vigil on that which they hold dear
for what is our deer is but a game for them to
pleasure their desire and want and what is it
they want is what they need to exploit beyond
all they hold against us for that is their purpose
and always has been as their grandfathers wished.

i hold all purpose toward any residual astronomic
to keep the rebellion at bay until the last possible
moments that will unravel all those secret platitudes
as we sit on the shores of final hours and gift our
friends and family for as they say, "how will this affect
us is how we will ascribe to all hinderance about", such
is my work defined here at last and there to keep.

then as the poly-ascribed wear given toward all torn
fabrics of Time and space is just a five letter word
i'm thinking that we will endure through all matter
of cosmic culture and all manner is but a secure deposit
toward what down payment was given to this sphere
once we vacate these beautiful fleshes, the key to all
understand is never understated and those are facts.

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