Monday, July 20, 2015

saving Time is quite a feat toward

saving Time is quite a feat toward
accomplishment in any sphere let
alone this one where we always feel
so utterly alone but shouldn't…

my body is not the ideal standard
but what that means is relative
to only sorrow for the complacent
regard of over consumerness…

when attempts are made to foretell
the plan to this next Gen we may
sometimes over-reach our defines
and thus create more havoc and myth…

there is only one path chosen to walk
down for each of us and we may find
it difficult to choose which one is that
why we truly seek to give us our depth…

if only the correct answers were given
beforehand we would rejoice with much
much higher aptitudes but not without
giving remorse toward sacrificed ideals…

which problem gets solved is the current
dilemma while confronting the ridiculous
need for fashion, purchase, debt, and all
that technologic devise we never needed…

so help me to understand this pact made
with a mythological beast that is capitalism's
virtue because I will never ever succumb
to it's lowest practice of killing any spirit...

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