Wednesday, July 15, 2015

either or sideways upon

either or sideways upon
operands give fullest extent
while robins hop along our
subtle paves and forgot all
matter given toward autumn

wept i am once decision gets
trampled for ever it troubles
those left in charge wishing
to return to another place as
misgiving is a terrible mode

trial by fire baptism by wind
lessons by earth drunk on water
give me reasons again why this
not that once faded through many
centuries with coffee included

sit by the way of which i offer
you bliss to negate contempt as
the one true god passes out in
the ladies room from too much
dogma or catma with kittens

then covered with honey is all
i have left to give on bravado
and douse seething rage for it
is just the right thing to do so
never question your honesty

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