Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ain't gonna let you take my fire…my passion

Ain't gonna let you take my fire…my passion
away it will not sway, any day is not in my play
I am the one you chose, but it seems you have
harbored regrets because of your societal
induced fears - you can't flow into the Truth
properly as your influences have clouded your
better reasonings - you must repent your fear
and thoughts that cause this havoc in your
thinking and release me into my own original
ascribe if your claims to love me are Truth.

Ain't gonna let you steal my sorrow…my wisdom
for it gives and forgives, as all know what can grow
I am only being one with all matter and energy
as you forget what that means and should review
your contract within - karma's justice is the hope
of a force in this current sphere for what we are is
what we are and that is that or what - to give any
reason otherwise is not in my nature, and nature
is everything here and now and always to be one
and subscribed always as I told you once.

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