Sunday, July 12, 2015

i swear everyTime I sneeze I stumble

i swear everyTime I sneeze I stumble
upon a wisdom in the astral plane because
allergies are the cause of all rejection...

was an ever thus protrude upon an only
wish informed against other wishes rejected
anon for the sake of the masses and the safety
of the semblance to all who kneel before the
king and his rightful Bullshit…

may your days be merry and bright, (Irving, you
goofball…) and may all your struggles be made
to renounce the army of those who control the spices
of our life and the value of our strife…

when maidens force their gentle on us may we
retain the wisdom to accept their offer and also
without past due of summer's curse regain the
memory of all I've witnessed in Vailsburg Park
including all tricycle journeys, virgin kisses, all
forms of girls in cycle and boys in mascara, and
lest we mention art and labor so obscure as to
render the ice-cream man invincible…

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