Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A lot of regrets… a lot of them I tell ya…

A lot of regrets… a lot of them I tell ya…
took a long Time to admit it but here we
are now on this precipice of knowledge
which will be our undoing in the world
of doubt, uncertainty, trial and error and
what ever became of innocent love in the
camp of Truth and I will never understand
how it became this bad for us the masses
of humanity who should be the force of
good in the universe and truly make a
profound difference in the scheme of all
things that govern our Time but that is
not what they want of us...

What they want is an abomination on all
that is the human kind which it should be
caring as it would be Loving as it will always
be as far as we are concerned as I reach into
the pockets of Truth while fast talking liars
with positions of immense power hold sway
in all things cataclysmic and we will forever
become besmirched in the annals of poets
who have given their verbiage for the decency
of all peoples who breathe here…

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