Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Whose Time was this to consider the only

Whose Time was this to consider the only
way forward in justice is going to be another
blown out of all proportion bullshit lie that
you can deposit in the nearest bank of

When will they ever learn, (Pete), that is
the humble question asked now as we cope
with the meaning, if ever, of more holidays
lost in holy-daze and the sickness that prevails
this society and all it's ills of those who claim
or recede in admit of total control through the
remote efforts of armored jar head robots and
their minions who pretend to be any sort of
savior to the earth.

Your wealth disgusts me in multitudes of stale
aroma and dismissal of any human connect
you walk in shoes that are better left unattended
and you pose questions that will forever be and
always shall unanswered this being your legacy
of what we will rise up against to fell you in
your objects of art and commerce once and for
all so help us every - one.

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