Monday, May 11, 2015

enough news items for now enough news

enough news items for now enough news
fit the print enough all too much and much
all witness the fall as it happens drill baby
burn baby die baby as we sit on hands meant
to heal but hardly ever are brought to bear a
solid platform of revolt against the manner of
elites who control our unique attributes and ever
will we sing praise of words like Truth and Justice
and Freedom and that which was only dogma for
over our eyes the wool is woven.

Should you fall into the grip despair hope that you
will realize your mis-step soon enough so as to lend
remedy to an otherwise impossible fate which too
many have already succumbed… Always recognize
the faults given you and work as hard as can can to
abolish them out your spirit upliftings and always lend
a hand when you can can to help those who are uneven
circumstance thinking so correct any misgoverns
any abuse of trial by 'what is and what should never
, (Plnt, Pg, Jns, Bnhm - Zep).

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