Monday, May 18, 2015

Severe weather ahead… Will we gather in the

Severe weather ahead… Will we gather in the
vestibule of certainty or in the cellar of doubt?
Does Time manufacture the basis of Truth or
does Space continue to force a wedge on these
matters of human injustice? Can there ever be a
solution to the violence that seems to govern our
being here or is this truly the foundational insane

asylum of the universe that we travel within?

It will always be these questions we should ask as
the speak of kings is given as excuses to fortify all
matters regarding the states propaganda. They lie.
They always have lied. They always will and forever
in this bountiful sphere, lie to hold their hold on the
hold they have over all of us. That is their self-imposed
job description. Their laws. Their theatre absurdia.
Their way to the keys of kingdoms stolen through
ample murder and deceit and this has always been
their way to take, steal and govern.

What you need ask is how can this be changed?
What can we do to bring this to a just restitution?
Where do we go to organize this to become a plan?

… my children, my greatest fear is that there is not
a thing to be done to change this. Perhaps a slight
temporary measure may be achieved if enough of
the enlightened rise to revolt against, but it washes
away and the burden of beasts prevails once again
in this sphere.


Perhaps our only hope is the forgiveness
in the next...

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