Friday, May 22, 2015

While we wait for the revision to erupt a

While we wait for the revision to erupt a
better plan may evolve to include this
simple task of my most humble recluse.

She comes for me in the hour before sun
and later on the Time drench in folly and
dismal repair as I grieve for all the bodies
left in the open as targets for the empire
whose right to do so I pay with the blood
of my taxes and hard earned sequence of
my friends and family.

You dare to break the sovereignty of states
that have no witness to your deceit - no
forbearance to your dirty laundry - no ever
awake to give pause to your idea for rule of
law - insane you are… wrongful in spirit and
mind you are… and body is not yours to govern.

Take these mechanical abominations and hurl
them at will toward your own featured demise
of oblivion then as we stand here willing to tattle
you forth against people who though may not be
all correct, are at least innocent and have life they
treasure as who's to say what they forgive but
you hold a candle to nothing sacred in any regard.

Suffer not being in your vocabulary, is neither
my interest or worthwhile… you have done so
for millennia squared and will continue long past
the all of those you've taken but pity I of you as
when we find what evil exists in hearts of the same
we are made of, causes weep forever here…

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