Sunday, May 3, 2015

Only if silence means death to all trees

Only if silence means death to all trees
can we then focus on importance for total
concentrate and enact - why on earth or why
ever should they choose to destroy bit by bit
piece by piece forest by forest ocean by ocean
life by life - Is it such possible that a small group
of humans can be in control and be so utterly
stupid, uncaring, greedy, unwilling to even affect
the future of their grandchildren - boggles the mind
but that is the reality of this sphere…

Only if silence means death to all animals
will we force the Time to prescribe a cure to what
ails the people in their need to live - the powers
is what cause the problem - the false prophet is
what cause the catastrophe - the apathy is what
gives fuel to THEIR way of pseudo life - stop
this now for it is the hope of all who need our
help and we should for this we care…

Only if silence means death to all peoples
who are scheduled to become more slave than
what now and we act as sheep to regress in our
fear they have thus induced for that is their way
of control and deceit - ever has it been since before
language or discussion when they forged control
and won the initial wars over matter presumed
we will trust OUR instincts to follow OUR only
courses of action, rebellion, revolution, and most
always disobey their utterance forever...

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