Thursday, May 21, 2015

moral fiber liquid lunch nuclear wessels

moral fiber liquid lunch nuclear wessels
Star Trek madness sexy gladness guns
are evil people need lessons advice and
guidance Love is answer Lennon wrote
it I believe it don't exploded it why so
shallow why so afraid why doesn't bother
make more than a mother will the ending
be as helpless as a wonder…

never had me a full palette of any fortune
but my talent gave favor to all of my labor
I once was a hero to all saloon zero they held
my hand and bought beer wisely and all
promises kept became despised as left overs
as any before me can attest to a vision will
get over the collision of hate in their favor
until you may savor a savior in Truth...

here is the buckle of all tits to suckle for
life is a virtue and many will flourish at the
nipples to nourish and if we should perish
at the hands of injustice fear not for your
Love is the key to forever and all eternity
that is the covenant kept sacred without
whisper to hail all to help them we will
prevail at the portal of hell we tread not…

this is the wallow and bitter pill swallow
for macro-managerial favors grow weary
life savers and stop all the spin on the news
that is chagrin and dishonest within all cover
of corporate plunder and deeds set asunder
will only convince the regime to announce
a new world order to protect all the finance(s)
as we starve at their gates of distraction...

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