Saturday, May 16, 2015

seen toward a gather immense as it were

seen toward a gather immense as it were
and while pink is within and blue is without
we forge ahead undying passions of all recounts
given any street cred for all who wallow to be
come next in line.

where is all that fluff status now my pear maiden
sweets of froth and willows - my semi-virgin
airways to the heavens become a vast sea of sir
what-zis the happy idiot with zillions to play and
none to give of those in need… what hollow fop.

i make an appeal toward aggrandizement to follow
all who cuddle them on pages of precious newsprint
and lest of all digital spew which though less waste
full of naturalness, bemoans the sights of dire deeds
and all proletariat need not apply.

onward the mire seeps into the wounds of every
human kind or not but resting on the level of kings
injustice… will it ever change for the goodness sake?
- not in this sphere i suspect for this is the challenge
of all who stand for truth and justice.

superman be damned - a myth for a modern era not
the substance of dreams to fulfill by any righteous
standards for that would entail even higher paid
price not remotely affordable by your care act o'
sullen prince of streets with walls.

and gold man sacks the village to live on pillage for
yet another added decade we grasp that remote plastic
thingy to chase a pleasure here, dug our treasures there,
(Jim), but i recall not signing onto this most heinous
faction of self imposed owners ever in history, EVER.

portend all your days in non-reverence if you must
be witness to the all-ever present eye that watches
us for sign of dissidence against their bottoms line
the pockets of all politicians, judges, officials, police
chiefs - entire swathe of spurious democracy.

gather round to hear truth told to power that is even
only the puppet management for those with all the
capital to own the capital as surely they do and twas
ever thus for change is that which happens in myth
and stories and justice is not blind it's anemic.

hold then no regret as we board the trains of certain
deaths of liberty and freedom that never was for
all but always was for wealth and hold hands now
as we enter these final arenas of Machiavellian-ism
because life is ours and such is destiny.

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