Friday, May 8, 2015

Memo to Bill…

Memo to Bill…

First, don't ever speak of guns in my presence or
my house…I have never fired a weapon, let alone
held one and have been nearly killed with one twice
by my father, the coward incarnate…

Any who subscribe to the gun are cowards waiting
to die. Period. Sorry Bill, this includes you.

When you and your siblings, including my wife were

reaching new heights of selfishness when your dad
died, I heard of your first born Michael enlisting in
the MIC.

Bill, I was so aghast and willing to travel to see you
and PLEAD to not let him sign that (non) contract
for it will surely be his undoing. I understand that
you are limited in your scope of what Truth is in
this sphere, but I will regret forever not stepping in
to give my humble assessment of what it is about.

He is not, and make no mistake about this, NOT
fighting for our freedoms or country. He is there
for but one purpose, and that is to serve the masters
of Wall street, the Banks, and the .001% of who runs
the entire shebang. Anyone who thinks different is
not paying attention, and is certainly not a student of
the TRUTH about history.

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