Friday, May 29, 2015

only once and then it sinks in

only once and then it sinks in
for the millionth Time though
we come here as an unbeknownst
and leave as a [hopefully] better
wisest portal of experiences than
when arrived…

always striving or trying the somewhat
attempts and always being aware or at
least trying the somewhat attempts and
when we finally sit down at day's end
to rest from all forms of weary and hurt
do we understand more…?

when Time and space collide on our sphere
entry and the process begins again as it has a
x'Xillion x1,000,000,000,000 Times then we
take a short nap in the womb of choice to exert
all future hope and possibilities that will define
any plans of supposed destinies contrived or…

you can add in your tally for the final frontier
or the ultimate gestation period as I was once
told in the confines of pretentious art gallery-
tome -  it will never, ever cease to amaze me
how deaf the malicious are toward our goals to
satisfy the masses of who is hurting and starving...

how is the ascriptions of mechanizations seem
to live on this portal of harbor towards the quiet
loves of those not governed equal and whose
money paid for this charade in stitches and whole
milk of quiet disasters consume all who hope who
now despair at the feet of low blow suits...

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