Tuesday, May 19, 2015

several problems ensure once forgotten

several problems ensure once forgotten
and ensue once Sue gets her hard-on
as I sit in my hollow attempting to follow
the virtue unspoken or words that have
choken and my wishes will be forever
respite in the marrow of Time's sake for
we govern that option planned upon.

never forgotten is when I think only upon
humans are weak that is what truth you
seek for the plan is verboten and we never
will give in to that authority self-righteous
or coupons redeemed backward as we plan
ever more toward the only aspect we seek
as life can be a dangerous place for living.

only is once but every is more than twice
as we drift when seashells stray from pseudo-
Eden and life is funny that way but so are
quotes from Marx, (take your pick), as I sleep
forward to slumber and try to remember only
hope bought as ember for consume all the
day when Time is away and forgotten.

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