Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sell me a river I can skate away on, (Joni)

Sell me a river I can skate away on, (Joni)
though I can't skate, skate, but I can relate
as if I needed a promise to connect to any
fate or real life enhancements or otherwise
others they have my front I long their back.

If you are in denial about…Anything… try
to give some thought to meaning that will be
bought for perverse purpose how you can
obstruct from mixing in all things transfixing
as if any suffer can prevent real Time slack.

I am not one to pretend or type to defend
the offer of savior or otherwise waiver to
allow any favor towards given solution as
all is dilution of culture we cherish but that
is the cast of a statue such is broken.

As always with usage, the congress abusage
as we freely cast votes that mean less than
zero, (elvis) for what is a hero has never been
with us and never will I suspend belief but
retain all rights for my honor spoken.

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