Saturday, May 9, 2015

send me back to Time's end or begin if

send me back to Time's end or begin if
that is what it takes to get more serious
than doubt of context while maidens of
keepers of flocks of perplexed dance in
aimless beauty of surrounded joy after
their labor is fulfilled but seldom is it.

keep my advances toward any real hope
at a minimum to gain access to all who've
given favor upon and never rely on that
keep as a basis for holding any real issue
with regard to king's men as they seethe
with delight over Sir Humpty's demise.

as always given promise or lending upon
any more watched kettles is more than what
I can take in my ear or breathe in my soul as
the horror expels all hope and guided wishes
for any part of retrieval nor any Time gifted
toward guidance for only Love can conquer.

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