Monday, May 4, 2015

All the lost souls

All the lost souls
carry weights of
proportions given
their size within
the scope of this
sphere and all the
free refills of soda
offered here at the
Last Chance For Any
Redemptions Bar &

All the beauty spirits
pay a generous price
for their ambitious
coherence of many
more debts surfaced
upon the relative forces
of habit and mass verses
gravity even begat Truth
as Time takes a hero and
Love conquers all including
any unwanted despite the
gossip to the contrary.

All the want for nothing
gives pause for any reason
to fend off the quick sell
of prostrate swollen men
who work for ads and
markets as they loaf inside
the cause for war and lies
though they will never know
what they do during an entire
life of this paycheck for
audio/visual prostitution
which never got me off
regardless of coupons or
free shit nobody needs.

All the Time wasted and all
the wasted time on where the
Time all went is so meaningless
to worry about such is the measure
of inconsequence for lust in life
requires more free thinking and
such questions should be asked on
the most critical level never disguised
as the fruits of thoughts of phluff or
infotainers but a regard for human
suffering and how to comfort those
we live amongst.

This is the way to proceed in
just cause.

This is living in the Now.

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