Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What color exists that never was named

What color exists that never was named
never was chosen for portraits on cloth
will be discovered some Time before end
once given to virtue and never owned by
those demons as if you could acquire the
rights to anything within this sphere, any
sphere, any Time, any when, any where,
any how, any what, any who, any at all.

Oafish lawyers made this mess quite worse
when all manner of bribes and graft have
cleared the offshore accounts so as [never]
to be discovered by the puppet / partners
they work with, nor any means of fact that
makes life easier for those suffering - why
would they do that to help any cause other
than the Corporate Lies Inc. spin.

The mighty whose say and the trodden who
caught in everglow of some are once empty
broken promise after a vote of illusion lends a
credence to whatever purpose controls need to
bring home to their wife's table and kiss the
children they surely cherish without any malice
ever for they truly have no clue as to the very harm
they incur to the masses - such is their vocation...

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